Clinic Consultations

Clinic consultations will be face-to-face and I invite you to bring anything you like along with you such as recent blood tests and supplements for me to review.

What to expect during your consultation?

During the initial consultation we will dive into your main reason for your visit. From there, we will go over a series of questions to really identify areas of interest and to identify your nutritional needs. This will include looking at your gut health and sleep health and much more! If testing is required, it will be discussed at this point.

During the consultation we will put together simple strategies on what you can do to get started on your health journey. A personalised nutrition plan will be put together, along with recipes and additional information to get you started. Your lifestyle and budget will be taken into consideration to ensure you can succeed.

We will also determine if you require follow-up consultations and how often. Return consultations will be similar in structure as we want to see what is working well and what isn’t and if anything has changed. From there we can change strategies, update meal plans, review supplements and look at testing if required to ensure you are on track with reaching your goal.

During clinic consultations, Iridology can be requested, just let me know if advance if this is something you want to do so I can ensure it is set up and ready to go.

Iridology is also offered as part of your consultation. Iridology is the practice of analysing and examining the colour and structure of the iris to assess the integrity of various body systems, including; the digestive system, major organs, connective tissues and bones, and the lymphatic system. Inherited tendencies and toxic accumulations can also be revealed. The iris is so unique that there are no two the same just like fingerprints. The eyes have long been referred to as the ‘Windows of the Soul’ with past, present and potential future health conditions able to be assessed.

Iridology can be a very effective screening tool to complement any nutritional consultation and will involve taking a photo of each of your eyes using an iridology camera.

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Initial consultation
1-1½ hours: $130
Return consultation
30-45 min: $80


I do understand that life can be unpredictable, however we ask that should you need to cancel your appointment that you please advise us as soon as possible, preferably with 24 hours’ notice.

Late arrivals

Appointments will be scheduled to allow 1.5 hours to assess your nutritional requirements and goals. Late arrivals may mean that your consultation is shortened based on time restrictions.

Health rebates

Applicable on certain health funds.

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