Home Consultations

Home consultations are a great way to address any health concerns and goals you may have in the comfort of your own home at a time most convenient for you.

A pantry and fridge review is also offered during the consultation to see what your current diet consists of and how to incorporate better food choices. This service is a great way to show you how to best utilise your staple foods as well as educate you on how to better-read food labels to ensure you are buying a good product.

You will receive a nutritional plan tailored to meet your goals, lifestyle and budget as well as some recipe suggestions.

Iridology is also offered as part of your consultation. Iridology is the practice of analysing and examining the colour and structure of the iris to assess the integrity of various body systems, including; the digestive system, major organs, connective tissues and bones, and the lymphatic system. Inherited tendencies and toxic accumulations can also be revealed. The iris is so unique that there are no two the same just like fingerprints. The eyes have long been referred to as the ‘Windows of the Soul’ with past, present and potential future health conditions able to be assessed.

Book a consultation now » Iridology can be a very effective screening tool to complement any nutritional consultation and will involve taking a photo of each of your eyes using an iridology camera.


Initial consultation (Rockhampton)
1½-2 hours: $150
Return consultation (Rockhampton)
1 hour: $100
Initial consultation (Gracemere, Yeppoon, Emu Park, Cawarral & Alton Downs)
1½-2 hours: $170
Return consultation (Gracemere, Yeppoon, Emu Park, Cawarral & Alton Downs)
1 hour: $120

Please note

Once you have made an appointment you will receive a welcome email along with a client details form, which is to be completed and emailed back prior to the appointment to enable the consultation to be tailored to your goals and lifestyle.


I do understand that life can be unpredictable, however we ask that should you need to cancel your appointment that you please advise us as soon as possible, preferably with 24 hours’ notice.

Health rebates

Applicable on certain health funds.

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